Virus Removal

There are many red flags that you need to be aware of when it comes to viruses on your computer. Some of these red flags include your computer is running more slowly than usual and constant bombardment by pop-ups. It is our job to clean up your computer and make sure that your computer is not in danger anymore.

At the first notice of a virus, please call us. We can send our team to your office or we can remote into your computer, depending on which is the most efficient. Throughout the years, we have seen many viruses take over computers, but don’t worry. Our trained team will do everything in its power to return your computer to working order in no time. Our virus removal services are offered to business near and far. Call us today for more information!

Be prepared with an antivirus that stands on it's own. Backed by years of service and years of experience. Rooks Computer Technologies has Partnered with Broadcom to bring to you "SYMANTEC CLOUD END POINT Protection" Rooks Computer Technologies monitors your computer for adware, virus, malware, ransware that may try to creep in and take over your computer. When the software inspects the packets coming in through the internet and finds a file or web site that matches the algorithm of suspicious packet that is associated with these files, the software blocks and deletes the files and (or) warns you that the website you are about to go to is considered malicious. The software also notifies Rooks Computer Technologies by email that a warmful file or web site has been blocked or needs further attention.

Get your Life String protected today, and sleep better at night knowing that your computer and servers are protected 24 X 7. Yes the software is constantly monitoring and running realtime scans 24 x 7, It does not interfere with everyday work, only when the computer is idle that the scan starts and continues until the computer becomes active again then the software goes to idle.